‘The World According To Pretty Toney’

Ghostface Killa will release a book later this year in collaboration with MTV Press entitled, ‘The World According To Pretty Toney.’ The book will feature tid bits and advice on numerous subjects ranging from love to the hustle.  Speaking of hustle, a lot of rappers seem to be releasing books as of late. Russell Simmons released one a few months ago, as did LL Cool J; 50 Cent released one not too long ago ;Jermaine Dupri released one a couple weeks back; and Kanye is set to release a book, which has a similar outline to the book Ghostface is releasing. Rappers releasing books may just be another indication of how hard it is to move units these days. Moreover, releasing books can be a very lucrative venture if you do things right. Audio and more info inside:

Ghostface’s book will also come with an audio CD, which can be previewed HERE

details on the book:

MTV Press recently announced that they are teaming with Staten Island MC Ghostface to release a new book, The World According to Pretty Toney, on January 8, 2008. MTV says that the motivational manual “offers nuggets of street wisdom on the key elements to becoming your own personal success story: livin’, hustlin’, lovin’, eatin’, and the all-encompassing Toneology.” It also comes with an exclusive audio disc containing over 20 minutes of Ghost speaking on various subjects.

The book is based on a series of promotional shorts that Ghost did with the network back in 2005, where the MC’s alter ego Pretty Toney dropped jewels on life. The shorts were co-created by MTV Promos writer/director J. Brightly, who also co-wrote The World According to Pretty Toney. MTV will start airing a new set of shorts on the network in December.



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