Pharrell Celebrates Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream Store Grand Opening In NYC

Pharrell recently celebrated the grand opening of the Billionaire Boys Club/ Ice Cream Store in Soho with his partner Nigo. The Billionaire Boys club brand is very exclusive and only available in about 40 stores worldwide, one of which includes Barneys of New York and smaller boutique stores. Business is still booming for the brand, and with their flagship store in NY, the fashion capital, I expect things to only get better.

Pharrell has a lot of talented people working with him. In addition to Nigo, one of the chief executives working for the Ice Cream company was once employed by Nike, which i suspect partly explains why the Ice Cream shoe line has been so successful. If you are interested in more pics of the grand opening, head right this way

Japanese fashion designer Nigo and producer Pharrell Williams celebrated the U.S. grand opening of their flagship Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream store in the Soho section of Manhattan last night. Located on 456 West Broadway, the colorful line of clothing and sneakers is a reflection of Pharrell’s signature style. “I’m a student of the game. Nigo has shown me a lot and I’ve learned a lot from Marc Jacobs,” Pharrell told XXL at the opening. “We wanna make sure that [the line] is top notch.” Skateboard P says he plans to expand the franchise with a store Japan within the near future.



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